PUBG new scope update

The scope is an essential a part of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: the ones randomly dropped optics permit gamers to zoom in on what are otherwise tiny infantrymen and automobiles in the distance. With scopes ranging from to fifteen times in magnifying electricity, there’s an apparent hierarchy of desirability — but gamers found the 2x scope to be way worse off than the opportunity powers, to the point of it being unusable.

That adjustments with the sport’s modern replace, that is out now inside the check server. PUBG Corp. has improved the sector of view for the 2x scope, and Reddit customers are absolutely noticing the distinction. A thread showing a thing-via-aspect evaluation of the vintage and the new variations of the scope is sitting at almost 13k upvotes, laid low with praise for what changed into once a low-level upgrade.

The distinction is that the outer ring of the scope is a whole lot thinner, with extra real assets given to the magnified image. because 2x magnification isn’t a big bump except — in particular as it’s sincerely handiest a 1.8x magnifier — the greater visibility, the higher.

despite the fact that all of the sport’s scopes were tweaked considering the fact that the sport’s Early get right of access to launch nearly a yr in the past, gamers have persisted to find the 2x scope to be unusably occluded with each subsequent revision. other than the thick outer ring, game enthusiasts regularly referred to as the round reticle “blurry” or said they skilled a frustrating glare with it.

It sounds much like the update has virtually progressed the maximum not unusual scope for all gamers — as a minimum for the ones inside the test server, and for now.